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    Post by Campion on Mon Jul 16, 2018 3:44 pm

    Those who have been following FH over the past year know that I have had to censor certain strips on my comic host, SmackJeevees despite them being fairly benign. I do not blame the administrator of SmackJeeves for this action, as he is looking out for the welfare is his site, and thus I do not condone any negative actions taken upon SJ or its administration.

    However, I do wish to share the full, unaltered version of these, and any future strips, and thus I have decided to publish the entire archive, both censored and uncensored, on Inkbunny. While posting on the site seems rather unorthodox, considering the majority of content posted on the site, it is currently the best option I know of to post these strips. So far, I have only received a minimal amount of negative attention regarding this action, and I have managed to attract an audience there that is atypical for the site. Also, the first few uncensored strips have been posted, and they saw a marked increase in page views over previous pages, but there has yet to be any pedophilic commentary, which says to me that the comic as a whole does stand up for itself.

    The uncensored archive can be viewed here:


    P.S.- If you know of any other sites that would be friendly to comics and free speech like this, please let me know.

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